Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Redneck swimming
Brooklyn kept getting stuck in her bed
The solution to the problem
Colter wanted Nick to lay down in his bed, Nick was the one who fell asleep.
The family's jungle gym
Yes, Brooklyn had found the dog food.

Yes I know the pictures don't really go together but they were all sharable. Not too much has been happening. We've gone through pink eye, no a/c, ear infections, colds, teething, stomachaches, and everything in between. Brooklyn FINALLY has 2 teeth. It only took months of slobbering and gnawing on everything. We were going to stay home this last weekend, we can't even remember when the last time we've stayed home. But we went to Phoenix to see some friends and to go to the temple with my mom, brother and his wife, Tawna. Its hard to pass up a temple trip when someone offers to babysit. We hope to stay home the weekend of the 27th...we'll see. Zorro's now a daddy. Daisy (Zorro Gal) had 3 puppies on labor day. Two males and one female. They brought them over. They were only about 3 inches long. When they're old enough, we're going to get one of the males. Not much else has been happening in our lives.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Riley's Mountain

Colter, Riley, & Seth
Kashlee & AidenSteven, Jody, Shar, & Brooklyn

This past weekend we went camping...again. We went to our friends family cabin on Mt. Graham. It rained almost the whole time. Of course it stopped on Monday right before we left. We still had fun even though it was wet and cold. Colter calls it Riley's mountain because the only time he can remember going there is to see Riley. It doesn't matter the weather or any other conditions, Colter always has fun. The first night we were there, we saw a rat inside the cabin. Chauncy got out a bb gun to get it. After waiting awhile, the rat was in a place he could shoot it. Once after the bb ricochet of the rat, Nick picked up the bb and hand it back to Chauncy to shoot him again. When it was declared dead, Chauncy brought it in to show all the girls. He was holding it by the tail with pliers. It started twitching and its tail broke off. The joke for the rest of the weekend was about the rat. that the rats daddy was going to find someone during the night, and that they should have had it mounted and left in the cabin as a reminder. One other crazy thing that happened was one night all the dogs were going CRAZY. They would not stop barking. Nobody understood why they were going berserk. Then when we got home we saw that there were bear prints on the trunk of our car.