Tuesday, October 28, 2008

6 Quirks

Ok, since I've been tagged with this twice, I should probably do it. It was hard to think of my own quirks. And unlike John, Nick wouldn't help me, I think he did want to get in trouble. He said sweet things like "I don't think about your quirks, they are part of you and I love you."

1. I hate tomatoes. I cant stand cutting the and feeling them and cant stand them on sandwiches, salads, stews, etc. But I love chunky salsa with chunks of tomatoes.

2. I have to have the bed made before getting in. There's even been times when I go to bed after Nick's asleep and I take of the sheet and blanket and remake the bed with him in it.

3. I don't like touching feet or anyone touching mine. I would never give or receive a pedicure. I won't even let Nick touch my feet.

4. I am very forgetful. I'll write lists of thing to do or buy. I'll forget where the list is or forget to bring it to the store.

5. I have a hard time finishing a project before starting a new one. Right now I have 2 craft projects going and am looking for a new one.

6. I can't say specific. Well...I can now-I've practiced. I have to think about how to say it before I say it slowly. I won't use it in casual conversation because it doesn't always come out sounding right.

I tag Jennie Davenport, Christa Johnson, Crystal Kestler, Alyssa Mangum, and Cim Alder.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why 3 year olds shouldn't babysit

Nick asks me why I don't like making phone calls (besides visiting) while the kids are "playing". I usually wait until Brooklyn's asleep and Colter's resting to make any. If not they're both screaming where I cant talk and the person I'm talking to says "Would you prefer to call me back at a more convenient time" (yes that's happened) or they destroy the house. Today I needed to call to get the internet up and running again. When I got of the phone this is what I found. At least I got the call made and no one got hurt, just a sugar high.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Addition

This is our new addition to the family, Bandit. He's Zorro's puppy. Colter just wants to hold and play with him all the time. He only weighs 2.5 pounds. And still smells like a puppy. The best thing is that he came to us from the Garcias almost house broke. He started to whine and so I took him outside and he went. We're really happy to have another puppy, and I think Zorro will like the canine company.

Caged Animal

This weekend Nick and Colter went to Pima while Brooklyn and I stayed home. The boys had fun quality time together. This is what I do when the boys are gone, find wild animals:) Brooklyn got herself stuck under the laundry basket. She was of course mad and screamed at the top of her lungs. We also went scrapbooking. It was fun. I am glad to have the boys back now. The house seems so much quieter without Colter's constant chattering. With scrapbooking, I was looking at lots of pictures from when he was a baby, and I noticed how much he's grown since then. The past 3 years have just flown by, I cant believe that next year he's going to be in preschool.

Monday, October 13, 2008

How is it that one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

This weekend we went camping with my parents and my grandparents. Nick went quail hunting. It was a little colder that I liked. When it was warm enough, we went on a ride to go frog hunting, of course we only caught them on the camera. Zorro hates water, but when it came to trying to catch frogs, he willingly went into the river. I grew up in a family with a morbid sense of entertainment. We went graveyard searching. Yes thats right we like looking for graves, at least we don't bring shovels with us. We then went exploring an old mine. It was crazy thinking that they carved and laid all of the stones by hand.
Like all our camping trips, we had some great dutch oven food. Nick usually does the cleaning, which involves starting a fire, and he paid attention in Boy Scouts I bet he could start a roaring fire blindfolded. He was busy trying to find birds, so I did the cleaning. It takes me forever to get a fire started. Good thing we have a surplus of matches. I'm better at making smoke, not a fire.
I was being a sensitive mom and worried what Colter would think of seeing dead birds. He had no problem, he kept wanting to hold and play with them. He would say "This bird doesnt fly, daddy shoot it so its dead." He was even carrying around a headless bird telling my mom and I that it was a broken dead bird.
This was probably our last camping trip for the year, its getting too cold in the arizonian sense.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the road again

Yes, we're at the point of saying "what is Brooklyn in now" This has been her favorite place to go. Now I know why trees indoors aren't good. Its almost fallen over on her a few times. She likes the taste of the leaves and of course the dirt. It looks like we're going to have another climber.

This weekend we were going to stay home, but of course we didn't. Nick had to work in Morenci on Saturday and Monday. So we spent the weekend and part of the week there...well in Pima. Colter had a lot of fun. I think the earliest he went to bed the whole time was 9:30. And of course he was always up by 7. Both him and Brooklyn slept the whole car trip, so now I'm the only one exausted from the trip. I'm a slacker and didn't take any pictures, but I'll tell you the highlights. Colter and Riley played. Zorro played with Mia, Steven and Cim's great dane-very funny. Colter and Riley played. Brooklyn got stuck in a shelf. We stayed up late playing cards with some friends (ok...we're getting old it was only til 9:30). Colter and Riley played. Well you get the picture. As we were leaving Pima yesterday Colter was asking if we could go back to Rileys house.

It was a fun weekend but I'm sad that I missed our RS service auction and conference. I am ready to stay home and not have to pack for any more trips...Oh and being waited on hand and foot, but I'm realistic and probably neither one will happen. I think we have the first weekend in 2010 set aside for us to stay home. And maybe when I'm in a nursing home I'll get waited on, but by then I won't remember the next day.