Monday, April 27, 2009

sugar spice and everything nice

I haven't updated in awhile. I seem to always be busy, but not with anything blog worthy. I'm sure a post with pictures of mile markers wouldn't be interesting. So I decided to post some pictures of our cute girly Brooklyn. The past couple of months she's become a funny girl. She loves to carry her baby around, put on necklaces, and carry purses. She also is starting to become a daddy's girl and gets jealous if Colter sits with him. (Daddy's the nice guy, his no is "go ask Mommy.") She also loves music, she'll dance and sing and of course play the piano, currently she is mastering her own minuette. She likes to be the center of attention. So here's some pictures of her being her.

There's no safe place for a purse to hide.

I hope it wasn't a call to Guatamala.

She may be girly, but she knows how to get dirty.

She always wants to do what Colter does.

Gooood Morning, talk about bedhead.

Monday, April 6, 2009

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.

I seem to be having one of those days where I'm considering selling Colter to the Zoo but think they would return him. I do feel like I'm a zoo today. Yes bananas thrown at me, weird lingo I don't understand, screaming, and even being spit at. Colter is so just like me and now I understand why my parents stopped having kids after me. After a zillion time outs, some spankins, and his toys put where he can't find them, I've decided to post some pictures of him and think of the reasons I DO love him.
He is very independent. He knows what he wants and doesn't stop til he gets it. He loves his sister. Example last week Brooklyn wanted his fruit snacks and instead of putting them where she couldn't get them he gave them all to her. He's self entertaining, on long car trips he doesn't complain just stays busy playing and looking out the window. He says and does funny things. Sometime he calls me names, which I love. He'll say "Mommy you're a honey bucket" or "Your a orange pumpkin." Or he'll give wonderful compliments like "Mommy dinner was scrumptious." He loves being outside, I think he asks me every day if were going camping tonight. He is a daddy boy. He wants to be doing anything and everything daddy is from golfing to fixing faucets. He can't go to sleep at night until he get one kiss and hug from Daddy then Brooklyn and Mommy. No more and no less. I always try to bargain with him to get more, but he's firm that I only get one kiss. I'll open my arms wide and say "I love you this much" and his response is to raise both his hands as far as he can above his head and say "I love you this much." Okay now I'm feeling much better. My house still might be a zoo, but I least now maybe I'll enjoy my monkey. Here's some pictures that show the true Colter.

Wearing my lipstick.

A flower he mad in Sunbeams. He insisted that HE glue on all the petals.

Wrestling with Brooklyn in her bed.

I found him watching tv like this.