Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Teach a man to fish...

Brooklyn's idea of fishing (its a toy fish in her mouth)

Colter spent about 90% of the time in the water. Maybe he thought he would have better luck catching them by hand.

Good thing Nick was there, who else would bait my hook?

This weekend we went fishing in Williams with my dad, his parents, and my cousin Arliene and her husband Tom. We went up Friday afternoon and left after dark on Saturday. Both our kids were so excited about camping that they woke up before 5am and wouldn't go back to sleep. Camping with my Granny is great! She fixed lots of great food. And nothing beats eating the fish you just caught. My Dad cooked the fish and his motto is "The fish you eat tonight was sleeping in the lake last night." Like all our camping trips, it ended too soon and we wish we were still there on the lake right now.

Sweet as Candy

Brooklyn has found out now that she is mobile, she can find really cool things. She was behind a chair saying "mum-mum" and this is what I found. Good thing it was before her bath and not after. Brooklyn is as sweet as candy. She loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to Colter.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum

Once I became a mom, I realized that quietness is invaluable. Of course it doesn't happen often(only when they both take a nap). Today Colter decided to make beautiful music with his "drums". Brooklyn army-crawled her way over as fast as she could(which by all the rug burns she gets doesn't seem to be a good mode of transportation). Brooklyn couldn't figure out how to be as loud as Colter, but was just as content watching Colter. Brooklyn wants to do everything her big brother does. He can make her laugh so hard. It might have been noisy, but I'm glad they have fun being kids.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

johncrow always tink im picney pretty

Okay, I couldn't help showing these pictures. Colter came out of a junk box with this hat on. He cracks me up. Oh and "johncrow always tink im picney pretty" is Jamaican slang for parents always think their children are beautiful. His hair reminds me of Jamaican.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mum Mum

I just thought these pictures were cute. Colter loves to feed Brooklyn, and well Brooklyn loves to eat. She would rather have what Colter is having, but baby food will do. She's started saying mum mum when were eating because she wants some. So far she's liked everything but green beans, I dont blame her.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Camping We Will Go

Brooklyn wanted down in the dirt, but would settle for just being outside
Colter and Sam trying to stay clean

Colter kept adding thing to the fire
Colter and Helen roasting marshmallows
This last weekend we went camping with Dave and Jennie Davenport with their 18 month old, Sam and Brand and Tiff Steward with their two girls Helen, 10 and Cass 12. We camped up by Mormon Lake near Flagstaff. It was a lot of fun. Colter of course loved it. He was mad when we were going back to our house, he wanted to stay in the trailer. Nick, Dave, Brand, and Tiff went paintballing(there wasn't enough guns for everyone). Nick is still finding welts from it. We also went to Slide Rock by Sedona. I was a little unsure about going. It looked packed and the line was long-once we could even get in line. But it was well worth the wait. The water was freezing cold but both Colter and Brooklyn didn't care. They love being in the water. Nick took Colter down some of the slower slides(I guess that what they're called). He was mad that we wouldn't take him down the faster ones. Brooklyn just loved to splash around. Brooklyns favorite thing was ants. We put her on a blanket while eating and she kept trying to eat the ants. Colter also loved the fire. When I was getting charcoal ready for dinner, Colter wouldn't leave it alone. When the fire was started he wanted to roast marshmallows, but it was too hot so he sat far from it and his marshmallow didnt even get warm. It was a great weekend and we are ready to go back.