Friday, August 28, 2009

Dancing in the koolaid

I was having a great afternoon reading without any disturbances. Colter and Brooklyn were happily playing together. That is the first sign of something wrong. So I found them busy dancing, in koolaid. I seriously don't get why it only seems to come in colors that stain everything. Its not like it spill and you wonder where it spilt. Your stuck feet will tell you that. I'm just glad that it was in the kitchen for easier cleanup, from floor to ceiling.

Brooklyn admiring Colters mad dancing skills

She's now a purple nose
Busy dancing

Monday, August 10, 2009


Every parent holds their baby in there arms and thinks about the one milestone they look forward to. For some its the first step, talking, wearing undies, going to school or even graduating and moving out. For Nick it was the first gun. I think the first step Colter walked he started counting down till I would let him buy a gun for Colter. I gave in. Its not like I'm against guns at all, its just...well...he's my baby. It was cute seeing his eyes light up as he got to hold it. He's excited and wants to shoot a bird. He still needs practice and nobody in range.

It was too late to go out and shout when he got it, but he of course wanted to hold it at home.
Nick trying to show him how to look through the scope