Sunday, January 24, 2010

I don't have anything to wear!

Brooklyn is the definition of a girl. Dramatic?Yes. Loves Dolls?Yes. Likes shoe shopping?Yes. Never satisfied with what she's wearing?YES! So here's a day with Brooklyn's clothes changing. The pictures start after her pjs in the morning.
Outfit #1 says I'm a Princess.

#2 No shoes, no pants no problem

#3 pink and purple are my colors

10 mins later #4 actually these pants work better

#5 who says you can't wear pjs at 2pm

#6 Her favorite. a swimming suit a size too small

#7 the combo of a dress & shorts are cute and practical

#8 Warm pjs are good for cuddling with Dad

#9 on second thought these pjs have a monkey on them
No wonder laundry is never ending.